Attitude is Everything

I had just grubbed down at one of my favorite places to eat, Chipotle.  I backed out of my spot, to a stop sign behind a truck, when all of a sudden BANG!  An SUV just backed into me.  “You gotta be kidding me” I thought to myself and then just got out of my car.  Nothing happened to my little civic but the SUV ended up with a hole in their bumper.  Ouch!  I literally just got out of my car, looked at my car and we both ended up deciding not to report it.  I was totally shocked at my attitude.

Isn’t it like life sometimes to hit us hard with something and our attitude makes the difference?

I mean it was totally her fault and I could of gotten extremely mad, but for what?  Was going off on someone going to change the fact that she hit my car?  Often times when something occurs in our life, there are two ways we can handle them:
·      Get really mad
·      View it as an opportunity to work on our character


The first one won’t change the situation nor help the situation.  It will only create an unpleasant environment to those around you.  The second one will prove something to yourself, it will prove you can handle anything that heads your way. 

Maybe It’s your husband’s job will ship, deploy or send him on a business trip a day/week/month sooner.  You could get mad, but that won’t change the fact that your husband has to still leave soon.  Or you could accept the change, spend time with your hubby and just move forward.  Your husband will notice your attitude and it will influence him to handle situations in a calm way like you did. 

As women, we can change the temperature of a room in a matter of seconds.  Having a positive attitude is very infectious.  No one wants to be around someone who is negative ALL THE TIME!!!!

Next time something occurs that can help you work on your attitude and character, stop and tell yourself these things:
·      By having a negative attitude it will not change what has already occurred
·      I need to approach this in a positive manner
·      My attitude plays a big role at home. I can change the temperature

Thank you Jesus for helping me as a woman and wife to understand that I  play a big role at home.  Help me to keep that in mind as things occur in life where my attitude can remain positive.  In your name, Amen.

For His glory,


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