Before being a Navy wife, I am the daughter of a forgiving God

The call to being a military wife is not for everyone, it is beyond challenging and an emotional roller coaster.  Often times I hear of many women struggling with their men because they are gone and with the distance, it becomes extremely tough to keep the marriage together.  It is something I know first hand because my husband and I had to have a serious talk about the emotions we both felt while being apart.  But my husband, as amazing and loving as he is, isn’t the one I believe to fill the emotional gap I felt while he was gone.  I could run to my husband time after time to help me emotionally but what is going to happen when he is gone on a deployment, on a business trip, away for some time, or even worst, if it’s his time to go?  Am I going to be so hurt and angry because “God” made me feel this way or did this to me? 

Before being a navy wife, I am the daughter of a forgiving God.  He has been my comfort and my rock, my anchor, since before meeting my husband.  God is the reason for me even being alive and the reason I had to stay strong while my husband was in basic training because honestly, that had to have been the hardest time of my life.  God gave me an opportunity to really draw near to Him and see that I needed Him more than ever because He would be the only one to comfort my heart in a time of despair.  When I am feeling pain, hurt, or sadness, do I run to my husband first instead of running to the One who knows my heart the deepest?  Listen ladies I know that having our husband’s home and having that tangible husband is such a blessing, but we have got to remember that before your husband loved you, there was One who died on a cross to forgive you of your sins.

Lord, thank You for your loving kindness and forgiveness.  Because of You I am here today and am able to live a life full of purpose.  I pray that I may run to You before running to my earthly husband, thank You so much for his beautiful heart.  May I be the wife his heart desires and may I be his helper always Lord.  In Jesus name I pray Amen!!!

For His glory,


  1. Liz, so heartfelt and every word true!! Our God knew everything about us before we were even formed in our Mommy's womb!! He has planned our whole life for us. We do have individual decisions and all, but when we look to our Lord first, we will always make the right choices! Standing by your husband as he made the decision to join the military is a brave one. Always make sure that after God, your commitment is to each other as husband and wife. A godly centered marriage will stand strong against the tempations of the world!! Great beginning your blog, Liz!!

  2. Thank you so so so much for your encouraging words. It's a reminder that I'm doing exactly what I'm called to do :)
    - Lizzy