Comparison Robs You of Joy

Driving on the street with my honey and just dreaming about our future.  We begin talking about kids, family, locations to live, places to visit, just having an amazing time.  When all of a sudden to my left I see this tall, thin blonde walking and boom!!!  My joy was gone. 

You’re probably thinking, “Why would your joy be gone when you’re having such a great time with your man?”  Well, I began comparing myself to that girl and my husband knew it, and without hesitation, he asked me, “what did you compare yourself on her?” That question actually made me think about how as women we struggle with staring at women just like men do. 

I will say it again… We women struggle staring at women also

Why do we do that to ourselves?  I mean seriously.  I’m probably not alone on this because so many times we see women on TV or magazines or even at the mall and we tell ourselves, “I wish I had her this or that," you can name hundreds of things in a matter of minutes. 

When we begin to struggle remember one important thing and tell yourself this over and over:
I am fearfully and wonderfully made- Psalm 139:14

God is telling you that you were created beautiful and different from any other women and by comparing ourselves, we are telling God He did something wrong with us.  You are created to be unique and have your own unique features and ways. 

Today look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made, beautiful in my own crazy way”.  We all struggle with insecurities, but I challenge you to write down all your amazing uniqueness on sticky notes and place them in ALL the mirrors in your house.  God will begin to open your eyes to the beautiful women He created and knows inside and out.  I love you ladies.

For His glory,



  1. This makes my heart happy. I love you :)

    1. Lauren thanks so much for everything girl. Your words are seriously encouraging :) love you

  2. Liz, You are so blessed to be able to be with your Sailor!! I am also glad that he is in tune with you and knew exactly what you were thinking and feeling. By your pic, I can see your are a very pretty and lively gal and the most beautiful part is the love you reflect from our God!! Physical beautiy will come and go, but the beauty of a heart full of God will be evident to others and be recognizable to other Christians too.

    Just this weekend, I was at the Anime Expo with my 13 year old daughter and we were waiting to cross the street to go to the convention center with the hordes of the other attendees, then a man came toward me and said he saw peace in me. He was a monk and wanted to talk to me about my spirituality. I told him "Thank you, but I am a Christian and I have God in my life. That's why I have peace." He smiled and went on his way. That made me feel good to be picked out of so many people because someone saw a difference in me.

    I thank the Lord for making me the way He did and for me choosing to know Him also!! It is so sad that so many in the world don't know Him and choose not to know Him either~~

    1. I seriously don't know what to say to your kind words :)
      God has seriously blessed me and my marriage, all the glory to Him and honestly, when someone sees the peace your heart has and your gentle spirit, it's so beautiful. Thank God for people like you and sometimes people don't actually feel they need God until they fall flat on their face (at least that's what happened to me). Thanks so much for all your kind words.

      For His Glory,