Giving up Control

Proverbs 16:19- We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

It was about one month into my husband being gone when I started discussing my husbands basic training graduation with my in laws.  God knows how I am so blessed with them and the way they love my husband and me so much.  We started discussing graduation day and the fact that the day was all about my husband, but the closer we were to graduation the more they began to change their mind about everything.

“What?!?!  How could they want this and that when we had plans?  How could they change this last minute?”  Traveling can be a very stressful moment, especially when your significant other is not there to help you with all the planning.  Why was I so upset that they were changing plans on me?  Why did it bother me that they didn’t want to give us alone time? 

I asked all of these why questions to myself and as upset as I was I asked myself why was I so mad at the situation and why were they getting to me? 
This is when God seriously showed me one important lesson in military life and life in general:
I had to give up all control and let God be in control!

Giving up control is not easy for many of us because we have always been in control of everything in our life, at least I was.  From choosing my degree, to choosing my friends, to what I want to eat, it all was my choice.  At least that is what I thought.  From the day my husband decided to join the military I began to see how I would eventually have to lose control of everything in my life.

When I began to let God be in control, I noticed how blessed our marriage was starting to become, more than before.  From my husband getting an amazing rate (job), to getting the C school (trade or additional school) in the Navy.  It showed me more than ever how much God would bless this family when we lifted our hands into the air, letting God be in control. 

How can someone go from being in complete control to letting go and trusting God to do what is best for the family?  It seriously is not easy, and it seriously is something I need to pray for often in my own personal life, but here are a few things I have learned in the past 5 months about giving up control:
·      When you give up control, you begin to feel a stress free life.  You trust and believe that things will work out because you know that God would never stir you in the wrong direction.
·      Trust that God is working through your husband and his job.  The one who has the ultimate decision about anything is God, PERIOD!
·      Pray, pray, pray that God would begin to help you let go of control because honestly, it will be very hard at first.

I thank you for having the ultimate say in my life because I know that when I let go, you will begin to bless us beyond our own imagination.  I ask you to help me give up control because I cannot do it on my own.  In Your name Amen.

For His glory,


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