A letter to Jay & Bey

Dear Jay-Z and Beyoncé,

In the last decade, I have watched both of you be an icon to all of us, especially when we found out you started dating we were so happy for the both of you. Recently though I have been just hurting for the both of you with all these rumors of divorce and infidelity. 

You're both in the eyes of millions and today I write to the both of you in hopes you would receive some words of encouragement from someone who's been in your shoes, except and the celebrity side. 

Marriage is not easy, and I am sure you both know that by now, more so with all the fame you both possess. It will break you and mold you into a much better person because marriage isn't about you, it's about the other person. Never forget why you married each other in the first place and through all the pain, there is hope for your marriage. 

Today I pray that God would open your eyes to see His beauty of marriage and that you two can overcome this obstacle. There is nothing too complex for God to handle, nor is there nothing He won't do for those who call upon His name. 

Your daughter needs you and you are the only role models she has to show what love and marriage truly is on this earth. You are the ones who will reveal to her true love and humility unto each other. May you find it in your hearts to forgive each other and become one unity, even if it means letting go to let God be in control. 

We are all praying for the both of you and hope your marriage becomes a very beautiful one for the world to see there is hope. 

Anchored By Christ

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