Dealing with Depression

I feel really burdened with the passing of the great actor Robin Williams, who dealt with severe depression and took his own life.  Many people deal with depression and not only does it affect the person, but it affects all those around the person struggling with it.  I personally dealt with this about five years ago, in June 2009.  I had been married and after many failed attempts to fix out marriage he decided it just wouldn’t work out.  I had just found out he was with someone else and that person was moved into our home right after he had kicked me out. 

The fact of the matter is, depression is not something to ever take lightly, whether you or someone close to you is dealing with it.  It is more than just spiritual, but it is a chemical imbalance that needs to be attended to by a professional.  Depression can often occur when someone has dealt with a loss, whether career or a person, even a pet.  Some times those who deal with depression will come out and tell you, or they will cut people off because they just want to be left alone. 

After many months of dealing with it all on my own, I decided to seek help and see someone about it who could help me understand why I was so depressed.

Seeking professional help is for EVERYONE, but it might take people more time than others.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, there are a few things that I could encourage you to do, but these are not the only things you can do:
·      I will always encourage you to seek professional help.  Speak to someone who went to school and can have that listening ear because they know why we deal with depression. 
·      If your friend is dealing with depression, I recommend you just listen to them and hear them out.   Read Job 2:11-13 which tells the story of Job’s friends just sitting next to him, not saying a word for seven days and seven nights weeping.
·      Pray!  Simply humble yourself unto God and ask Him to help you because honestly, I cried out and just gave everything to Him without knowing my life would be as blessed as it is today.  
·      Know your therapist will help you with how to deal with it in the future because I still have moments where I deal with it, but have learned how to stop and understand what I am facing. 
·      Talk to friends if you deal with it, and if you are married tell your spouse.  Your spouse already knows something is going on, therefore just open your hearts to him/her to let them know what is truly going on with you. 
·      And one important thing: Depend on the Lord’s Word to empower you and your mind.  Reading God’s Word helps you to know you are loved and when negativity enters your mind, the truth of His Word will shine light upon any darkness.

Again, I am not a therapist or licensed to give out advice, but I encourage you to seek the help you need and don’t be afraid to ask for prayer.  If you need prayer, you can anonymously leave your prayer request here and we will be lifting you up no matter what that request may be. 

God, I know the hurt in the world, especially with our pasts, but we humbly come to you and ask for help.  Please help those struggling with depression or any other type of issue Lord, may they know how precious they are in your eyes Lord.  Help us to gain understanding about depression and how serious this is Lord; guide our hearts to have compassion to a hurting world.  In Jesus name, AMEN!

For His Glory,

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