The Importance of Health

Today, we have the privilege of having an amazing health and exercise guru, and my best friend, Rayna. She's sharing the importance of our health and how we all struggle eating right, even though we know it's necessary to live a long life. Here's our contributor @raynahorton (Instagram) giving us some wisdom about our health. 

Fitness and health for me go hand and hand with failure and struggles. 

Let's rewind to a year and a half ago.
I was driving on the freeway and The Lord spoke to my heart. As I exited the off ramp, I glanced at a McDonald's that was located right off the exit. The Lord  said, "See I didn't create foods that you'd buy at McDonald's for your bodies and you can SEE what the consequences of those foods are."

I silently responded, "Yes! I can see what "those foods" do to our bodies; obesity, weight gain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the list goes on and on..."

I thought about it, how God created "natural foods" and when we feed our bodies a balanced diet on natural foods, they operate correctly. Weight gain doesn't become an issue nor do we develop diseases when our foods are natural. 

But if only an all natural, organic, no preservatives diet was that simple, we could live with amazing looking bodies but most importantly amazingly healthy bodies that operated on the foods it was created to operate on!

If only... Well I don't know about you but health and fitness are two things in my life I struggle and fail at, often!

But in this crazy journey, I haven't given up and I keep pressing forward towards my goals... Which we can too along with our spouses.

Lord, thank you for creating our bodies and amazing foods to feed it. May we honor you today by what we eat and drink and choose the things you have created for us because we know that it's another example of you knowing what's best for us! When we fail, and Lord you know we will, help us to get back up and keep on pressing towards the goal.


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