Living a healthy lifestyle

She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14

Baseball practice, homework, working out, caring for babies or animals, laundry, dishes, church, spending time with God, work, date night, bedroom fun... The list goes on and on of all these things we have to cram into our day and find balance.  Phew!!  Which brings up the question, how did the Proverbs 31 woman do it all?
By planning !!

I believe the Proverbs 31 woman accomplished so many things in her day because she planned and she planned extremely well.  When she brought her food from afar she had to plan her trip and the product had to be worth the trip to make such a long journey!

Let's talk about our roles as wives/mothers and husbands/fathers in providing healthy, balanced meals for our families. I'm going to lay it on thick because these are HUGE, no bigger than that, these are ENORMOUS decisions that we make for our family every day.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!

 ...think about it for a minute...

The foods that we consume everyday determine our families health now and for the future.

Since we have this ENORMOUS responsibility, let's take it serious and begin by making healthy decisions for our families.  With heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and all sorts of food based diseases, it is no wonder than many hospitals are being overwhelmed with these diseases.  They are based on what you feed your families.  If you have already been feeding your family healthy means, then bravo to you because your decision will reap a lifetime of healthy benefits.  

Some of you have not done this for your husband/wives and children, but that is ok, you can start NOW!  I know this is something new for our family and we continue to get better at this as we go along. We are in the process of breaking many, many years of bad habits! I tell you this so that you don't feel guilty if you have been feeding your body and your family's bodies unhealthy foods. The beauty of our Lord is He always gives us second (third, forth...1 million) chances to change things and glorify Him in our decisions.

Lord, Thank you for choosing us to be wives/mother, husbands/fathers for our families! You chose us specifically for each other and I know that there is so many reasons why you did that! Thank you Lord for the bodies you have entrusted us with to use for your glory, help us to use them to glorify you in what we eat and drink! We love you Lord and thank you for always giving us another chance. Let today be the day we start making healthier decisions for our family, even if it's in just one healthy meal.  



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