Our uniqueness and differences in marriage

Now you should know right away that this blog is Christian based and that we believe in being transparent, real.  Over the past few months when we launched this website/blog, my marriage and faith have been tested.  I began turning into someone different, blaming it all on a church I went because they weren't "perfect" anymore.  With that came my personal excuse to step away from a "church building" because I was hurt.  My marriage began getting attacked since I sort of told my husband I just "ain't feeling the church thing".  I began making excuses for myself.

I just stopped attending church and then I kept telling myself, "you have to be a perfect wife, a perfect Christian in order to keep the blog going.  But wait, I had to be perfect?  How in the heck am I gonna "act" perfect when I feel awful?  That's when God showed:

Every marriage, every Christian, and every child of Mine is different.

So as a spouse and believer, I began to just think of everything I've done wrong over the last year, but God revealed to me a SWEET VICTORY!  I'm an overcomer in all my shortcomings because on that cross, Christ beared all my sins.

We as spouses want to show everyone our marriage is perfect.  But the reality is, we are giving people a false reality.  Too many Christians and married people don't ever want to admit their marriage and walk has a problem.  I walked around with this mentality that I had to be a certain way but when we hold ourselves and our marriage to a high standard we don't give ourselves grace, let alone our spouses.  

If you struggle with this, together let's pray for one another because together we can accomplish so much for Gods kingdom.

Thank you so much for the sweet victory and grace you have given each and every one of us.  We are not perfect and often times are so hard on ourselves, but you have given us victory.  In your name Amen.

For His Glory,

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