Be the wife who supports her hubs

When Josh mentioned to me that he wanted to go into the Navy, at first I was shocked. Then shocked turned into excitement, excitement turned into fear, and fear turned into not trusting God. I remember like it was yesterday. The planning, the notebooks, the dreams and the many talks. I became a huge supporter and then all of a sudden, I told him I didn't think this was Gods plan for us. I began to doubt his decision, doubt everything and told him to really think it through.

What happened to the wife who regardless of what was going on, supported him? What happened to his cheerleader saying he could do it? Wives can do one of two things to their husbands: uplift them or tear them down. At this very moment, I was tearing him down. We argued and fought but the reality was I couldn't support him. The enemy entered my mind and tore me down. He let fear cripple me and I turned into the wife I did not ever want to become, a Debbie Downer.

Supporting my husband in anything he does won't mean I am weak and have no say so in my household. It shows that I trust in his judgment and that he is asking God for direction. I'm not trusting him alone, I'm trusting the Lord.  Remember when your husband is making those decisions in your household, especially if you know he is united with Christ.

So how can you be the supportive wife instead of being the doubtful one?

1. Always pray for his decisions. Often times it can be so hard to trust because if you are anything like me, you want to be in control of everything.  Together, let's do our best to not doubt our husbands but just trust them regardless how we feel.  Obviously, make sure the decision is moral!

2. Show support. May sound like something simple but very few do this because they might not agree or feel they can't possibly support a decision.  I get it!  Remember you are not trusting just your husband but trusting in a God so big you can't possibly understand.

3. Seek God's truth. The Bible has so much to offer us. Reading God's word ensures those promises to come true in your life.  The reason why it is called God's Word is because He is talking to you about things happening in your life.  What happens when you dive into the Word?  You feel peace and you begin to understand and are able to pass it to your husband.  What a beautiful thing.

Pray for your husband, show him support and read your Word.  It is a great promise when we put Him first in our life, everything comes together and simply makes sense.  I pray you seek God and let go, it's wonderful when the Lord is in control.

For His Glory,

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