Who am I?

Hello everyone.  My name is Lisbeth Graham and I am a: 
Christ follower
Navy wife
Mother to a beautiful daughter
Business owner
Health nut
Sushi lover
Netflix binger

Why did I start this blog?
While in Texas May 2014, God placed a desire on my heart to share my journey as a wife, but more importantly as a military wife.  All around me I would read and hear about so many marriages falling apart and since I have faced divorce myself, I wanted to encourage other marriages to fight the good fight with Christ as your center.  My heart was overjoyed when I started writing and creating a blog that would draw people to draw close to God for guidance in their marriages.  That is when Anchored By Christ was born.  Hebrews 6:19 says, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  Having an anchor that cannot be shaken is how a marriage can withstand any of the storms that will arise in your marriage.  
Another reason I began this blog was because as a wife, I know it can be really hard to keep your household together.  You're chasing after kids, making dinner, spending time with your husband and trying to have a social life.  It can get hard to not go crazy!  I wanted to share my experiences with marriage and how I have been able to overcome some of the hardest points in our marriage.  
So I encourage you to sit back and relax, while I share with you some of the ups and downs in marriage and how Christ can help your marriage flourish.  

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